Tropico 5

Tropico 5 is a game about strategy that places you as the president who has the power to control and build a country. This game gives challenge that is totally unique and also pleasing. It is because you will be able to make a country that you can arrange it by yourself started from the small thing to the entire country. It could be by building the houses, controlling the administration, training the military, protecting the country, and so on. Tropico 5 has the mode named Campaign that is totally challenging because all the building progress still continues in both countries that you lead with the various mission to solve too. Is not that amazing?

Be the President of Your Own Country

As the president, you need to focus on some essential aspects in fulfilling the people’s needs like the primary needs, such as the food, houses, job, health, entertainment, freedom, safety, and so on. In order to fill these aspects, you had to finish all the supporting construction and also some rules and wisdom to back these aspects up. In this country, the technology also becomes something important because you will get the result after finishing the constructions.

The citizens you lead will have a wide range of personalities with the variety of ages, education, wealth, health, profession, and such. In your country in Tropico 5, everything will also work just like the reality. The people with better education will be much easier in finding a job. Here are more details for you to emphasize.

Commerce – The commerce that you found in Tropico 5 seems to have a lot improved with its previous version by the additional industrial sites so that both export and import activities can be done to earn more money.

Military – In Tropico 5, one of the most anticipated parts of the game is the war. Building the fort, army base, barrack, and even airspace makes this game more meaningful. The war will be held to get the winning over another country that might harm yours.

Citizen – Each citizen in Tropico 5 has very important role in this country that you have. Can you imagine what would it be when there is a country without citizens? Then when it happens, your country can never be said as a country. They will work normally and earn a lot of money to buy houses and also food they need. They will have their own of view about countries and you, as their one and only president.


8 ball pool

8 ball pool is a sport simulation game which you can play 8 ball pool with the same mode and rules just like the real 8 ball pool. In this game you can adjust the angle where you will thrust your stick to the ball you aim to get owned. You can also adjust the power of your stick’s thrust. The game provides you to choose playing with the program of the game itself of with real players as this game is designed to be multiplayer. This game could be very relaxing. You can take off your work and play 8 ball pool with someone you don’t even know. However it does suck when you keep on losing even when this game is only supposed to be a filler between your work. As that is why 8 ball pool hack cheats could help you on winning the 8 ball pool competition and adding your coins as it is the wealth in the game.

The option of this game is quite diverse. The maker has provided the users to choose where the game could be played on. It surely could be played on smartphones as they are android and iOS, and PC from browser or through social media Facebook. The 8 ball pool hack cheats itself also varies according to the devices. Although there are some which are able to function for the game played through all devices.

If you play the game through social media Facebook, 8 ball pool hack cheats would be very easy to be used. The first step is you must download the application and install it to your PC. Then open the 8 ball pool game in your Facebook but not yet begin to play it. Open the cheat application, select process, and wait the process to be done. If the text “done” appears it means that 8 ball pool hack cheats is successful.

Indeed, some play games just as a way of having fun and consider it as a filler of work. But many will get addicted to the game and think of the achievement within the game as something important. It certainly feels different when you actually achieve things right? However the game also has many flaws and it makes many users attempting to use 8 ball pool hack cheats to get their way on achieving more coins and level.


Tharsis the spaceship game gives you the experience of spaceship that just landing on Mars. The spaceship itself is named Iktomi, carrying some crew members with good health and mind and the food stock. The first time, you will see that there is nothing wrong with situation after you landing on Mars. Just a good spaceship with good crews’ condition and food stocks. You will think that it will be easy to finish the mission or you will be ready for any bad conditions. Are you ready to start your survival in Mars?

Suddenly you will get reports that there is a blocked passage in the maintenance bay. You should fix it very soon by leaving the spaceship. It can also damage your personnel if not get fixed soon. Tharsis the spaceship is full of surprises. You get 5 changes to roll your dice. It will decide the five random scenario of your game. When you send your crew members out to fix the problem outside, then you roll the dice, suddenly four off your crew members are dead. The damage is unfixed then your spaceship explodes. The worst part is that your mission is fail.

That is how Tharsis game works, a strategic decision making game that has spaceship theme. You will find that suddenly you get a bad luck. It feels like other board games such as Pandemic and Dead Winter, but you will feel that the failure happens randomly, depends on the luck your rolling dice. In Tharsis the spaceship game, you cannot decide whether the mission will be easy sion. for difficult. The number of possible actions, rules, and outcomes may be different in each mission. You will find that each member of your crew will begins in a random location and random state of condition. Each crew member will have five opportunities to perform a number of activities in a certain location.

The dice also can bring luck for you. It can be used to activate your crew or spaceship special abilities when certain requirements are fulfilled. Playing Tharsis the spaceship is not always avoiding the bad luck for your crew, spaceship, and mission, but also focus on your strategy. You should maintain the condition of your crew, the sanity, and also the overall integrity of your spaceship. Sometimes you have think about the best strategy to finish the mission, but it all turns bad when you get the wrong dice. Tharsis the spaceship game will give you enjoyable and unpredictable experience.


Subway Surfers hack iphone means that the hack is only working for iPhone devices. This hack won’t give impact for other brands like Android or Sony. Thus, you need to consider your devices firstly before trying out our hack tool. It is very easy to decide that our phone can use this hack or not. The first thing to do is just play the Subway Surfers game as usual or normal way. You can download this game freely on the iPhone app stores which is found inside the menu of our iOs devices. Install the game on SD card and then play it for a while to ensure the game is working on our mobile phone.

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How to use our Subway Surfers Hack iPhone? It is totally simple. Once you download the Subway Surfer game, what you need to do next is run the game. After that, you can force close it by using multitask feature on your iPhone. Go to this page and download everything available. It will be better if you use your iPhone directly than using computer. Replace the existing file on the Subway Surfer folder on your phone. Use file manager to make it easier. At last, you keys and coins becomes 888,888,888 or unlimited. Enjoy it as much as you can.

Last but not least, our Subway Surfers Hack iPhone cannot be used for Android users. We have prepared another tips and tricks for Android users now. Just go find the post through this website. Once again, our hack does not consist of malware or virus. You can check it firstly on the antivirus websites before downloading. Moreover, please use it once again if you felt our tool did not work. We have no responsibility if you iPhone get banned from the Subway Surfers server because it is absolutely your own risk. Although we have banned protection, but it sometimes get hacked by the system.

Clash Royale

Another game from Supercell which has different gameplay with COC, Clash Royale, is now on the beta test for the first time. However, this beta test is only for Canada. You can download it from the app store via your Android or iOs. Yes, this game is only available on some countries which are luckily able to try the beta test. For your information, many enthusiasts want to play this game because the game is totally different from its predecessor, Clash of Clans. There are only some building and features which similar with COC, but not the gameplay. Today, we have an opportunity to try out the beta test.

The Clash Royale has same goal like Clash of Clans. It is to make a good strategy against your enemies. However, the players should use some cards which are able to upgrade your current troops or towers. Yeah, this is a tower defense gameplay but in Clash of Clans version. We still can see the same characters of COC such as archers, goblins and many more with the same skills of them. In other words, Supercell cannot move too far from their success story of COC in their next project. But, it is still fair since the fans of COC are still on the peak levels these days.

In the beginning, Clash Royale will give you some trainings, in other words tutorial, for the gamers in order to give some basic strategy to play this game. We have to say that it is not a difficult way to follow the instructions and it does not make us close the game quickly. We will directly get some cards which available on the first phase. They are Archer, Giant and Knight Cards. There are also some skill cards such as fireball and many more. We believe you will only get a little bit confusion on the starting point. But, this game is very simple to be learned and you will be able to understand the gameplay soon.

As usual, there is a gem feature on the Clash Royale game. The function of those games is the same with COC. They can fasten your activity to open up the chest. If you do not know what the chest of this game is, it is a way for you to gain more cards and you can get those cards without paying any cost. Moreover, those cards show their rarity such as common, rare and epic. You can gain the chests from the win of your matches. In the next 2 hours of playing, you can also get free chests. Meanwhile, the crown chest which offers high rarity cards is available after 24 hours of playing.


Naruto Mobile Game Play

Naruto Mobile is one of the Naruto games which will be released by Tencent Games. For your information, this developer has released Naruto Online for all Naruto lovers in China. This time, they confidently release this mobile game for China gamers. We know that Naruto is one of the best manga and anime that very popular in the world nowadays. It is such a destiny for best manga like Naruto to become the game version, right? Tencent Games really know about this opportunity. It is proven that they are not only once to use Naruto as their main theme of their project.

The ChinaJoy 2015 was the first debut of Naruto Mobile. Although there are many 3D gameplay of Naruto games, the developer still believes on 2D side scrolling gameplay. Yeah, that is the main reason why this game entitled as Mobile game because side scrolling is the most attractive gameplay for smartphone users like Android and iOs. This gameplay won’t be bored because the gamers only scroll their smartphone effortless unlike console or PC games which require the gamers to play with gaming gears. We are pretty sure this game will be addictive and popular as same as its manga and anime.

As we can see on the trailer, Naruto Mobile focuses on three main characters. They are Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. They will do some missions which are very attractive and addictive. The players will be limited into certain skills during the mission. Do not worry because you can combine those limited skills into one big combo against your enemies. Although it is 2D graphics, you can feel the spirit of Naruto and friends with good background sound and animation. If you are Naruto lovers, it would be a new gaming-experience via your smartphone obviously. The epic fighting with Naruto’s characters won’t disappoint your expectation through the game. In the beginning, you will start from the original story and fight against many enemies of Naruto as same as manga and anime. The fighting-gameplay is very natural. It reminds us with other Naruto games on consoles.

Later, it will be new update which adds 25 characters for the game. You will have many characters and choose your favorite to be upgraded into stronger one. This game is free-to-play and you who are in China will be able to download it from your phone. There is no possibility for this game to be launched on the other countries instead China. It perhaps belongs to the rating of Naruto Mobile in the future.