Have you read the newspaper lately? Do you find something that intrigues you? Every year, new invention on IT is made to give solution for human to reduce problem and make their life easier in some degree. You may familiar with windmill, a technology that is used to convert wind to energy for many usages, how about watermill? This new invention is so magnificent to give you pure water from air. Basic intention of this invention is to offer solution for such areas where clean water is hard to locate.

Still, if you want to, you can consider this invention as part of your household, since this new invention on IT makes you can save more money. However that is not the only thing you get from  the watermill. After it provides you fresh water and reduce your bills for water, it will automatically turn it self off in certain circumstance where for some reason it can produce freshwater any longer. What about the idea you can easily create your own car? This new invention is known as 3D printed car, though not many people know about this.

As a new invention on IT, 3D printed car will make your jaw drops as you can have your own production of car only in less than 48 hours with the assembling that takes only two days or depend on what kind of design that you print. Seriously, this is a breakthrough. Auto enthusiasts will love this, since they can create their own custom car that is cheaper. But yes, this kind of invention can be a disaster for auto manufactures. The last yet not the least thing is GPS tracking for car with such technology to track and navigate. Sounds common for you?

Aside from its navigating and tracking system that really are helpful for driver to pick certain route that is less crowded, there are some addition of features that both give you benefits and drawback. The said new invention on IT can record your habit while you are driving your car. Which means, if you are reckless drivers, it will be hard for you to buy affordable car insurance and vice versa. Do you think the new inventions are usable for you? Obviously, the answer can be varied as new invention usually not one hundred percent can please human. Since it depends on whether the invention gives them benefits or not. Car GPS tracking, this may very useful for obedient drivers, but not reckless drivers.


There are basically two types of Pixel Gun 3D hack tools, the online hack tools and the offline ones. Regardless of the type you prefer, any will allow you to be the best player ever since you get the access to unlimited resources. If you are new to the cheat, here is a brief guide how to use Pixel Gun 3D hack tools online and offline, along with the difference between the two.

Online Pixel Gun 3D Hack Tools

If the safety of your gadget is your priority, you will probably love the online hosted hack tools. By using an online generator, you can get unlimited gems and gold without having to download or install the hack tool in your devices. The offline ones might harm your device if the developer is not trusted enough. The online Pixel Gun 3D hack tools are easy to use; simply open the link that will direct you to the online generator, input your username and your desired amount of gold or gems, and the resources will be updated to the game in your devices. However, most of the online generators do not allow the users to add more than 150,000 gems at the same time, yet you can still repeat the same steps until you reach the desired amount. Just in case you are wondering about the effectiveness, the Pixel Gun 3D hack online work really great.

Offline Hack Tools

Alternatively, if you prefer the offline version, you need to download the hack tool in your devices, usually in your computer. There are numerous offline cheats available all over the internet, make sure that you download the trusted ones. When you are done downloading the hack tool, you are usually asked to connect your Android, iOS, or even Windows Phones where you play the game to the computer. After connecting your devices, select your device platform, check your desired hacks, click the connect button to verify connection, and wait for a minutes to allow the hack to finish updating the newly added resources.

Be the best of the best by generating free gold and gems through the Pixel Gun 3D hack tools. Both online and offline hack tools are powerful enough to boost your game resources. Now you can enjoy unlimited goods and purchase the strongest items without worrying about the cost.


At this article, you will read a couple of best technology invention that has been invented in 21st century. For those of you who never know the history of, for example, Bluetooth, iPad, and much more, you better read this article.


The technology of Bluetooth was revealed in the year of 1999, but his thing was not the beginning of 21st century which manufacturers started to use it in a couple of computers and mobile phones. Nowadays, because there are a couple of more connected gadgets, this best technology invention has become the vital part of your daily activities, and is set to be more important like internet.


portable MP3 players had been occurred for a couple of years once Apple has revealed its model in the year of 2001, but the iPod along with the iTunes software of Apple was the technology which really changed the way many people heard music. The large internal storage capacity of the device means that it was not longer important to carry around cassette tapes or CDs, the design which is very sleek made this item a desirable stuff that you have to own.

AbioCor Artificial Heart

The AbioCor Artificial Heart has been applied for the first in order to replace the human heart in surgery in the year of 2001. The power of this item is different from it previous attempts at artificial hearts which mean it does not need to use intrusive wires which heighten the infection risk. Meanwhile, a couple of operations today have applied the hearts.

Mozilla Firefox

The first web browser that has a gut in order to challenge the dominance of Internet Explorer of Microsoft is Firefox, once Netscape Navigator was failed in the war of the browser. Firefox was open-source and free, so this browser has applied by many Windows users who did not want to use software ecosystem of Microsoft anymore. Meanwhile, this browser has been left by the Chrome browser of Google.


Skype has changed many people communicate with other people across the borders. By using Skype, you can speak with your family and friends and even you can video chat for free by using Wi-Fi. Basically, Skype was only available as a desktop client, but as the time goes by and when it was launched on mobile device, and now there are a couple of people that use it in order to talk to their colleagues and friends at home.

Pokemon go hack that works

Finding Pokemon Go hack that works timeless is not as hard as you thought before. This can be proven through this article by the way. We have collected some hacks which are still working until this article was posted recently. We cannot deny the phenomenon of Pokemon Go these days. It is okay if you still do not want to play this super-popular game lately. But, you will regret and say why I did not play this game before instead. It is slightly strange for you who can maintain yourself not to see any Pokemon Go thing this week because it is really booming right now.

Finding Specific Pokemon based on Their Types

The first Pokemon Go hack that works properly until know is that you can find specific types of Pokemon through their real habitat. It may not sound like a hack but it is really a best trick to get our favorite Pokemon. For example, you want to find some water types Pokemon. You can go to find them near a lake or beach. Latest news about a rare Pokemon said that Vaporeon had appeared near Central Park Lake in New York. So, you can do some experiment with specific type of Pokemon to catch them easily. For your information, ghost type like Gastly usually appears at night.

Pokemon Go Hack That WorksSaving the Battery

With augmented reality mode, Pokemon Go drains your smartphone’s battery effectively. This cannot be denied because the mode uses your GPS, camera and internet at the same time. But, you can hack your battery to stay longer by activating battery saver mode. It works perfectly and you can see the differences when you turned on this feature. This feature is also more effective if you turn off the AR mode when trying to catch a Pokemon with your Poke Balls. So, you can stay longer with this feature and catch them all easily with this Pokemon Go hack that works until now.

Catch Same Pokemon

It is such a wasteful Poke Ball when we find the same Pokemon gradually. Meanwhile, we have a few of them in our deck already. Do not hesitate to catch the same Pokemon because they can be beneficial for the strongest one. For your information, you can change the same Pokemon to Professor Willow. Please choose the duplicate Pokemon which have lower Combat Points in order to get candy from the Professor. This will make your higher CP Pokemon evolved easier with the help of candy. So, that is all Pokemon Go hack that works properly until now.


For those of you who are big fans of FIFA 17 game, you probably need help even though some of you are a high quality player. This article will give you a couple of tips of FIFA 17 game that you have to read and follow in order to start winning in FIFA Ultimate Team. These are a couple of best tips of FIFA 17 that have been selected particularly for the starter of the game.


For those of you who want to purchase this game, you have to make a pre- order that you can get in the official shop in order to get better rewards. After that you have to take a couple of minutes in order to think about the edition that you want to purchase. For most a couple of players, the standard edition is great. Draft tokens are included rather than packs. Meanwhile, if you have a lot of money, it is better for you to choose Super Deluxe.

For those of you who have an active EA access or Origin access subscriptions, you can be able to play FIFA 17 earlier. You also have to remember to redeem daily gift that you get from EA in a couple of first days.

After that it is the perfect time for you to complete the 18 manager tasks. If you have a lot of money, you can buy FIFA points when you find that this game has been released. In the first days, they are more valuable. For those of you who are beginners to this game, you have to watch the tutorials. Even for those of you are big time player of this game, you have to turn on the Trainer mode in your first match. There are a couple of new movements that you have to get used to.

If there are a couple of good players that you do not want to sell, 99 contracts item should be applied. All of the loan players items have to be bought that are available in the EAS FC catalogue and you have to use them.

Before you start match, you have to purchase all of the coin boost items. It is perfect for you to use the Concept Squad in order to plan your team, rather than doing it on an external builder of squad. You have to build weaker team so that players can be used as reserves or substitutes in your final team.

Forget collecting a small amount of gems digging hundreds of land blocks and use free Clash Royale Hack And Cheats. No more frustration as you can get as much gems as you want in the game for free and instantly. Beat all your friends and be among the best Clash Royale players in the world. You will be able to produce as many gems as you need free of charge with this Clash Royale Cheats.

Clash Royale Hack And Cheats Game Details

Clash Royale is a fantastic multiplayer 2D creative online sandbox game where players can construct home and many other structures you can imagine. Players have their own world linked by doors forming a universe. You can grow trees by planting seeds or create new kinds of items by combining them. This game is really fun but in the same time it can be difficult. This is because you need lots of gems in order to buy things and level up. Gem is the main currency in Clash Royale that can be collected by breaking dirt blocks and cutting trees. However, it takes almost forever to earn the amount you need. Clash Royale Hack And Cheats are your solution for easy and free infinite gems.

Clash Royale Hack And Cheats Features

You don’t have to be concerned about your account security when using this Clash Royale Hack And Cheats as it is tested and designed by coding experts that you can sure the tool is 100% safe. Many people have tried it and all of them informed no issue. If you are beginner in hacking, no need to worry since it is user-friendly due to the simple interface and basic function. It is also 100% virus free as it has been scanned using the best antivirus software these days. You can see the virus scan result on the webpage. This tool is compatible with any operating system of your device or computer including iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. It does not require rooting or jailbreaking your device.

Clash Royale Hack And Cheats Advantages

You have the choice to increase the amount of gems you want using this Clash Royale Hack. You will be able to buy and speed up upgrades and items faster and easier in the game if you have unlimited gems. However, you are suggested for not generating excessive amount of gems to avoid being suspected by the game developer leading to banning your game account. This Clash Royale Hack And Cheats will add the fun more to the game.

Hyper Light Drifter is an AAA game that will challenge your playing skills started from the simplest one to the maximal one. Playing a kind of game which has the high difficulties is not a game for all the gamers in general. Some people might call it as the stress relief which has relaxed game but some other people will think it as the stressful game. The more the difficulties can bring a lot of people to feel challenged and also to play better than before.


Hyper Light Drifter


The Artistic Side of Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter comes out with the 2D visual that is totally well-prepared. It has its own trademark which can be its attraction. The enemies can be easily beaten only by a few hits. That happens the same way with you. In fact, there are still some differences like the number of enemies. Thus, it will have been a fact that all players will face the death even more than once. When you have ever experienced playing a game called Dark Souls, you will notice that Dark Souls seems to be much easier than this game.

The plot of Hyper Light Drifter starts from both the music and also visual. That seems very boring and unattractive at all. Indeed, but you cannot blame anyone for this because the plot itself is told by using pictures and also music as the background to accompany. The flow of the narration is easily acceptable for the players too. You will understand everything based on the pictures. No kidding, the perception of the players will be based on what the creator had created and led them to.

People might have different perception about the game called Hyper Light Drifter. It can change all the time based on the players who will get used to it. This game does not expect you to have the highest expectation about it. It comes out simply with the creative idea that focuses on the plot. Moreover, the creator emphasizes the narration based on the visual so that the people can have their own way to accept the plot. Probably the minus on this game is about the 2D visual which has been too perfect to be improved to be the 3D visual. All the movements of the characters go very well and even all the war between the enemies work fast. You can start to have this game by having the most challenging game called Hyper Light Drifter.


Knowing how to use Boom beach hack attack is very important to be winner in this game. Boom Beach is an addictive game that is so popular right now on android and iPhone users. This game is quite simple and you just have to get best strategy especially in attacking your enemies. We have collected some best strategy for attacking new island on your map. These tricks are recommended for you who are new players of this game. The strategies are not always building the expensive building or troops. Even cheap strategies work perfectly in this game.

Saw Mils

The first Boom beach hack attack tip is by upgrading your saw mills as soon as possible. Many palyers do not know that the best attack is the best defense. By having highest level of saw mills, your wood stock won’t be limited. For your information, wood is the base material in Boom Beach game. You cannot improve your troops and defense without having wood on your stock. In other words, without wood you will have no defenses after all. Therefore, upgrading the saw mills as soon as possible will create more chance for your base to win from enemy’s attack.

Go for the Heart

This second Boom Beach hack attack is only an expression when you are attacking your enemy. We usually destroy enemy guns and artillery first before going to the base. This is very common trick actually. When you have a chance to destroy enemy base first, please do it as soon as possible. You will have lower cost and higher winner percentage obviously. Not all people may agree with this trick but it always works for winning the game. Do not take any troops for the enemies’ guns or defenses. Just go straight to the enemy’s base and win the game quickly.

Boom Beach Hack Attack to Save Your Diamonds

The last tip is by saving the diamond usage if you want to win every game and every level in this game. Diamonds are the most important source in this game because it cannot be regenerate like gold and wood. The developer of this game sets the game to force the players using their diamonds. So, they can purchase the diamonds via in-game and this is wasteful. Do not be tempted with their offerings. Just play normally and save your diamonds. This is important to keep your wallet save from their attacks, right? If you have a crucial time to use the diamonds, just do not force yourself to keep the diamonds. This is the last Boom beach hack attack by the way.

Clash Royale Unlimited Gems and Gold

We provide this Clash Royale astuce to hack in order to reduce the gap between the top players and new players of this game. Have you ever thought before where they gain the unlimited resources and be able to be top players? Yeah, it is because of hack tool. This hack will help you to win every battle with your enemy. Gems, coins, gold and chest are yours without doing much effort to play Clash Royale. Hack is such a friend of gamers these days. We create this in order to give some easiness for newbie players who need extra hours in playing this game.

Clash Royale Astuce to Hack: What exactly is it?

Our Clash Royale astuce to hack is developed by professional game hackers. It has a hundred percent guaranteed that the hack works properly. It derives from gamers for gamers too. This hack does not use any difficult tool or system. It is full of ease even for newbie players. As usual, a hack is necessary since the game is very popular and addictive. We create this hack in order to give more easiness for new players to gain the top rank. The important point is about without survey and hoax link for sure. The resources of the game can be obtained easily.

Clash Royale Astuce to Hack: What are the Features?

Every hack provides some features. So does this Clash Royale astuce to hack. There are many advantages that you will get from our hack. This is such good news for every Clash Royale players because they can break the difficulties of the game with an easy way. Beside the unlimited resources, the hack also provides all smartphone devices. As long as you can play the Clash Royale game, you can try our hack freely without any payment. Your level will also be increased in a short time for sure. It cuts the playing hours of this game obviously.

Clash Royale Astuce to Hack: Unlimited Gems and Gold

So, what are you waiting for? Our hack will give you unlimited gems and gold which are very important to increase your gameplay in Clash Royale. You do not need to think twice to summon Epic cards because the gems are unlimited. Moreover, our hack is flexible. IN other words, you can use it twice or more to other accounts. There is only a thing that you have to do. Yes, it is just by filling the username and the resources’ amount on the blank box below. Then, our Clash Royale astuce to hack will be processed immediately.

Tropico 5

Tropico 5 is a game about strategy that places you as the president who has the power to control and build a country. This game gives challenge that is totally unique and also pleasing. It is because you will be able to make a country that you can arrange it by yourself started from the small thing to the entire country. It could be by building the houses, controlling the administration, training the military, protecting the country, and so on. Tropico 5 has the mode named Campaign that is totally challenging because all the building progress still continues in both countries that you lead with the various mission to solve too. Is not that amazing?

Be the President of Your Own Country

As the president, you need to focus on some essential aspects in fulfilling the people’s needs like the primary needs, such as the food, houses, job, health, entertainment, freedom, safety, and so on. In order to fill these aspects, you had to finish all the supporting construction and also some rules and wisdom to back these aspects up. In this country, the technology also becomes something important because you will get the result after finishing the constructions.

The citizens you lead will have a wide range of personalities with the variety of ages, education, wealth, health, profession, and such. In your country in Tropico 5, everything will also work just like the reality. The people with better education will be much easier in finding a job. Here are more details for you to emphasize.

Commerce – The commerce that you found in Tropico 5 seems to have a lot improved with its previous version by the additional industrial sites so that both export and import activities can be done to earn more money.

Military – In Tropico 5, one of the most anticipated parts of the game is the war. Building the fort, army base, barrack, and even airspace makes this game more meaningful. The war will be held to get the winning over another country that might harm yours.

Citizen – Each citizen in Tropico 5 has very important role in this country that you have. Can you imagine what would it be when there is a country without citizens? Then when it happens, your country can never be said as a country. They will work normally and earn a lot of money to buy houses and also food they need. They will have their own of view about countries and you, as their one and only president.