Applications and Gadgets for People with Disabilities

Technology is very important for people with disabilities such as people with motion disabilities or disorders, speech impairment, or visual impairment, and much more. There are a couple of applications and gadgets which can help people with disabilities throughout their daily activities and in this article; you will find a couple of gadgets and applications for people with disabilities. From offering help visual impairment with reading, to help a lot of patients with shaky hands, to keep the deaf included in a group conversation, these are assistive technologies which are useful to help people with disabilities when and where they need it.


Dot is the first Braille smart watch in the world. Dot is one of gadgets and applications for people with disabilities which are more affordable if compared to e-Braille devices that will waste you a lot of money. Dot will perfect in order to help blind people access tweets, messages, even books. Basically, this tool comes with six dots on four cells which are found in the smart watch surface. These dots will lower or rise in order to transform 4 letters in Braille. You can connect it by using Bluetooth to smart phone then translate and retrieve the text into the Braille.


Talkitt is application with a lot of innovation in order to help many people with language and speech disorders in order to communicate with other people. Unintelligible pronunciation will be translated into understandable speech so that many people can understand what they say. Tallkit can be used for many languages. This tool can be used by learning the pattern speech of user first, creating personal speech dictionary. After that Tallkit will recognize and identify the unintelligible pronunciation and they will be translated into speech that you can understand.

Sesame Phone

Mobile phone is the stuff that is commonly used by many people in the world including people with disabilities. But regular mobile phones are not featured with many requirements of people with disabilities that will find it hard to apply a normal phone. Sesame Phone is a touch-free smart phone that has been designed for people with disabilities. This phone is created to be operated with small head movements. All of the features can be accessed and you do not even have to touch the device. You can recognize the gestures because you just have to use your finger in order to apply it.