Boom Beach Hack Attack and Win Every Game without Diamonds


Knowing how to use Boom beach hack attack is very important to be winner in this game. Boom Beach is an addictive game that is so popular right now on android and iPhone users. This game is quite simple and you just have to get best strategy especially in attacking your enemies. We have collected some best strategy for attacking new island on your map. These tricks are recommended for you who are new players of this game. The strategies are not always building the expensive building or troops. Even cheap strategies work perfectly in this game.

Saw Mils

The first Boom beach hack attack tip is by upgrading your saw mills as soon as possible. Many palyers do not know that the best attack is the best defense. By having highest level of saw mills, your wood stock won’t be limited. For your information, wood is the base material in Boom Beach game. You cannot improve your troops and defense without having wood on your stock. In other words, without wood you will have no defenses after all. Therefore, upgrading the saw mills as soon as possible will create more chance for your base to win from enemy’s attack.

Go for the Heart

This second Boom Beach hack attack is only an expression when you are attacking your enemy. We usually destroy enemy guns and artillery first before going to the base. This is very common trick actually. When you have a chance to destroy enemy base first, please do it as soon as possible. You will have lower cost and higher winner percentage obviously. Not all people may agree with this trick but it always works for winning the game. Do not take any troops for the enemies’ guns or defenses. Just go straight to the enemy’s base and win the game quickly.

Boom Beach Hack Attack to Save Your Diamonds

The last tip is by saving the diamond usage if you want to win every game and every level in this game. Diamonds are the most important source in this game because it cannot be regenerate like gold and wood. The developer of this game sets the game to force the players using their diamonds. So, they can purchase the diamonds via in-game and this is wasteful. Do not be tempted with their offerings. Just play normally and save your diamonds. This is important to keep your wallet save from their attacks, right? If you have a crucial time to use the diamonds, just do not force yourself to keep the diamonds. This is the last Boom beach hack attack by the way.