Clash Royale on Beta Test in Canada plus Review

Clash Royale

Another game from Supercell which has different gameplay with COC, Clash Royale, is now on the beta test for the first time. However, this beta test is only for Canada. You can download it from the app store via your Android or iOs. Yes, this game is only available on some countries which are luckily able to try the beta test. For your information, many enthusiasts want to play this game because the game is totally different from its predecessor, Clash of Clans. There are only some building and features which similar with COC, but not the gameplay. Today, we have an opportunity to try out the beta test.

The Clash Royale has same goal like Clash of Clans. It is to make a good strategy against your enemies. However, the players should use some cards which are able to upgrade your current troops or towers. Yeah, this is a tower defense gameplay but in Clash of Clans version. We still can see the same characters of COC such as archers, goblins and many more with the same skills of them. In other words, Supercell cannot move too far from their success story of COC in their next project. But, it is still fair since the fans of COC are still on the peak levels these days.

In the beginning, Clash Royale will give you some trainings, in other words tutorial, for the gamers in order to give some basic strategy to play this game. We have to say that it is not a difficult way to follow the instructions and it does not make us close the game quickly. We will directly get some cards which available on the first phase. They are Archer, Giant and Knight Cards. There are also some skill cards such as fireball and many more. We believe you will only get a little bit confusion on the starting point. But, this game is very simple to be learned and you will be able to understand the gameplay soon.

As usual, there is a gem feature on the Clash Royale game. The function of those games is the same with COC. They can fasten your activity to open up the chest. If you do not know what the chest of this game is, it is a way for you to gain more cards and you can get those cards without paying any cost. Moreover, those cards show their rarity such as common, rare and epic. You can gain the chests from the win of your matches. In the next 2 hours of playing, you can also get free chests. Meanwhile, the crown chest which offers high rarity cards is available after 24 hours of playing.