New Invention On IT That Will Blow Your Mind


Have you read the newspaper lately? Do you find something that intrigues you? Every year, new invention on IT is made to give solution for human to reduce problem and make their life easier in some degree. You may familiar with windmill, a technology that is used to convert wind to energy for many usages, how about watermill? This new invention is so magnificent to give you pure water from air. Basic intention of this invention is to offer solution for such areas where clean water is hard to locate.

Still, if you want to, you can consider this invention as part of your household, since this new invention on IT makes you can save more money. However that is not the only thing you get from  the watermill. After it provides you fresh water and reduce your bills for water, it will automatically turn it self off in certain circumstance where for some reason it can produce freshwater any longer. What about the idea you can easily create your own car? This new invention is known as 3D printed car, though not many people know about this.

As a new invention on IT, 3D printed car will make your jaw drops as you can have your own production of car only in less than 48 hours with the assembling that takes only two days or depend on what kind of design that you print. Seriously, this is a breakthrough. Auto enthusiasts will love this, since they can create their own custom car that is cheaper. But yes, this kind of invention can be a disaster for auto manufactures. The last yet not the least thing is GPS tracking for car with such technology to track and navigate. Sounds common for you?

Aside from its navigating and tracking system that really are helpful for driver to pick certain route that is less crowded, there are some addition of features that both give you benefits and drawback. The said new invention on IT can record your habit while you are driving your car. Which means, if you are reckless drivers, it will be hard for you to buy affordable car insurance and vice versa. Do you think the new inventions are usable for you? Obviously, the answer can be varied as new invention usually not one hundred percent can please human. Since it depends on whether the invention gives them benefits or not. Car GPS tracking, this may very useful for obedient drivers, but not reckless drivers.