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Naruto Mobile Game Play

Naruto Mobile is one of the Naruto games which will be released by Tencent Games. For your information, this developer has released Naruto Online for all Naruto lovers in China. This time, they confidently release this mobile game for China gamers. We know that Naruto is one of the best manga and anime that very popular in the world nowadays. It is such a destiny for best manga like Naruto to become the game version, right? Tencent Games really know about this opportunity. It is proven that they are not only once to use Naruto as their main theme of their project.

The ChinaJoy 2015 was the first debut of Naruto Mobile. Although there are many 3D gameplay of Naruto games, the developer still believes on 2D side scrolling gameplay. Yeah, that is the main reason why this game entitled as Mobile game because side scrolling is the most attractive gameplay for smartphone users like Android and iOs. This gameplay won’t be bored because the gamers only scroll their smartphone effortless unlike console or PC games which require the gamers to play with gaming gears. We are pretty sure this game will be addictive and popular as same as its manga and anime.

As we can see on the trailer, Naruto Mobile focuses on three main characters. They are Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. They will do some missions which are very attractive and addictive. The players will be limited into certain skills during the mission. Do not worry because you can combine those limited skills into one big combo against your enemies. Although it is 2D graphics, you can feel the spirit of Naruto and friends with good background sound and animation. If you are Naruto lovers, it would be a new gaming-experience via your smartphone obviously. The epic fighting with Naruto’s characters won’t disappoint your expectation through the game. In the beginning, you will start from the original story and fight against many enemies of Naruto as same as manga and anime. The fighting-gameplay is very natural. It reminds us with other Naruto games on consoles.

Later, it will be new update which adds 25 characters for the game. You will have many characters and choose your favorite to be upgraded into stronger one. This game is free-to-play and you who are in China will be able to download it from your phone. There is no possibility for this game to be launched on the other countries instead China. It perhaps belongs to the rating of Naruto Mobile in the future.