Pokemon Go Hack That Works Properly Until Now

Pokemon go hack that works

Finding Pokemon Go hack that works timeless is not as hard as you thought before. This can be proven through this article by the way. We have collected some hacks which are still working until this article was posted recently. We cannot deny the phenomenon of Pokemon Go these days. It is okay if you still do not want to play this super-popular game lately. But, you will regret and say why I did not play this game before instead. It is slightly strange for you who can maintain yourself not to see any Pokemon Go thing this week because it is really booming right now.

Finding Specific Pokemon based on Their Types

The first Pokemon Go hack that works properly until know is that you can find specific types of Pokemon through their real habitat. It may not sound like a hack but it is really a best trick to get our favorite Pokemon. For example, you want to find some water types Pokemon. You can go to find them near a lake or beach. Latest news about a rare Pokemon said that Vaporeon had appeared near Central Park Lake in New York. So, you can do some experiment with specific type of Pokemon to catch them easily. For your information, ghost type like Gastly usually appears at night.

Pokemon Go Hack That WorksSaving the Battery

With augmented reality mode, Pokemon Go drains your smartphone’s battery effectively. This cannot be denied because the mode uses your GPS, camera and internet at the same time. But, you can hack your battery to stay longer by activating battery saver mode. It works perfectly and you can see the differences when you turned on this feature. This feature is also more effective if you turn off the AR mode when trying to catch a Pokemon with your Poke Balls. So, you can stay longer with this feature and catch them all easily with this Pokemon Go hack that works until now.

Catch Same Pokemon

It is such a wasteful Poke Ball when we find the same Pokemon gradually. Meanwhile, we have a few of them in our deck already. Do not hesitate to catch the same Pokemon because they can be beneficial for the strongest one. For your information, you can change the same Pokemon to Professor Willow. Please choose the duplicate Pokemon which have lower Combat Points in order to get candy from the Professor. This will make your higher CP Pokemon evolved easier with the help of candy. So, that is all Pokemon Go hack that works properly until now.