Prey and the Possible Future Enjoyment

Originally cancelled and considered as a failed gaming development, Prey is finally released. If you are looking for a thriller – action gaming experience, this is the one to choose. And if you are into the alien-type-of-gaming or movies, this one will suit your like so much. And if you like the combat and battle style, this is up your alley.


Prey and the Development Plan

Prey is published by Bethesda Softwork and developed by Arkane Studios.  With CryEngine, this game is designed for Xbox One, PS4, and Microsoft PC. This first person shooter and single player game is designed to be released around 2017 – date is still unknown although the developer plans to release it in either the first or second quarter of this year.


There is an interesting story about this game since the original development was canceled. The original plan was developed by Human Head Studios but in 2014, it was canceled by Bethesda because of the many internal chaos and hellish progress. Later on, Bethesda announced the launch of the game during the 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo and appointed Arkane Studios (Austin branch) to be responsible for the development.


Prey Game Play

This game is about the role playing character, Morgan Yu, who is stationed in a space station with a lot of aliens. The main mission, of course, is to survive and annihilate the aliens. What’s interesting is that you can choose different attributes for Yu, which also includes the abilities and gender. Of course, your options will affect the course of the story and the development of the game.


In Prey, the setting will take place in the space station and some on the outside setting. Instead of the different and separate missions, it will be a continuous series of gaming platform. In some cases, you may have to revisit the areas that you have explored before. When you go outside, there are shortcuts for the different parts of the station. The aliens themselves also have different abilities which can be taken by the player once you are able to kill them.


Prey Plot

This game is taken the alternate universe where Kennedy survived the attack in 1963. He managed to direct more funds to the space program and enable it to develop. Unfortunately, the aliens are drawn by the space activities and they have their own agenda to attack the Earth. If you want to know more about Prey, it is suggested that you wait for the release and play the game.