The Best Technology Invention of 21st Century


At this article, you will read a couple of best technology invention that has been invented in 21st century. For those of you who never know the history of, for example, Bluetooth, iPad, and much more, you better read this article.


The technology of Bluetooth was revealed in the year of 1999, but his thing was not the beginning of 21st century which manufacturers started to use it in a couple of computers and mobile phones. Nowadays, because there are a couple of more connected gadgets, this best technology invention has become the vital part of your daily activities, and is set to be more important like internet.


portable MP3 players had been occurred for a couple of years once Apple has revealed its model in the year of 2001, but the iPod along with the iTunes software of Apple was the technology which really changed the way many people heard music. The large internal storage capacity of the device means that it was not longer important to carry around cassette tapes or CDs, the design which is very sleek made this item a desirable stuff that you have to own.

AbioCor Artificial Heart

The AbioCor Artificial Heart has been applied for the first in order to replace the human heart in surgery in the year of 2001. The power of this item is different from it previous attempts at artificial hearts which mean it does not need to use intrusive wires which heighten the infection risk. Meanwhile, a couple of operations today have applied the hearts.

Mozilla Firefox

The first web browser that has a gut in order to challenge the dominance of Internet Explorer of Microsoft is Firefox, once Netscape Navigator was failed in the war of the browser. Firefox was open-source and free, so this browser has applied by many Windows users who did not want to use software ecosystem of Microsoft anymore. Meanwhile, this browser has been left by the Chrome browser of Google.


Skype has changed many people communicate with other people across the borders. By using Skype, you can speak with your family and friends and even you can video chat for free by using Wi-Fi. Basically, Skype was only available as a desktop client, but as the time goes by and when it was launched on mobile device, and now there are a couple of people that use it in order to talk to their colleagues and friends at home.